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Seeking Applicants for Director & Assistant

By November 12, 2023Drum & Bugle Corps

Similar to our call for volunteers to make the 2024 season (and beyond) a success, Minnesota Brass is seeking extra help for the duties of Drum & Bugle Corps director. The current Executive and Ensemble directors Chris Judd and Justin Foell will be involved in 2024. But we want to add depth to our roster and start thinking about a succession plan for future seasons. Both will be involved and supporting the expansion of responsibilities to the next generation of Minnesota Brass leadership. 

Below is a list of responsibilities that we’ve compiled from the last few seasons – both from the official director contract and from working knowledge. They include duties that are knowingly shared with the Executive Director, but also can be shared or delegated with an assistant director. Take a look at the list – if they seem doable and you have a passion for this corps and activity – apply below.

Director Responsibilities

  • Attend all rehearsals, performances and other events for the summer program or have a clear delegation of responsibilities in the rare event that you can’t attend.
  • Recruit, train and delegate volunteers as needed to assure completion of all required tasks, and communicate regularly with support staff.
  • Support recruiting plan and lead recruiting efforts for the ensemble.
  • Communicate regularly with:
    • Transportation coordinator to make sure the equipment truck and trailer will be where it needs to be on time)
    • Volunteer coordinator to ensure rehearsal & performance needs are covered (hydration, meals, uniform fitting)
    • Program coordinator & staff to make sure timelines and logistics around facilities, transportation, and performances are understood.
    • Membership to make sure expectations are met regarding rehearsals and performances.
  • Purchase services, supplies, and equipment in accordance with the budget, or have a clear delegation to authorized purchasers.
  • Address any behavior concerns with membership, volunteers, and staff.
  • Create rosters and mailing lists as required.
  • Collect and record member dues and follow cash handling policies, and generate monthly invoices and dues collection reports.
  • Assure consistent data entry and up-to-date records are maintained in online database, and align online database to email database.
  • Assure all policies are distributed and understood by all members of all ensembles
  • Update communications calendar.
  • Maintain Google calendar online including all rehearsals, meetings and performances
  • Provide members with detailed and accurate calendars/schedules.
  • Maintain calendars for fans and public.
  • Assure consistent, professional look and style for the organization and all ensembles, including documents and publications.
  • Manage or have clear delegation for organizational equipment and be responsible for the appropriate check-out, check-in, inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning.
  • Lead ensemble fundraising appeals and events.
  • Secure facilities for rehearsals and (if needed) competitions.
  • Secure hotel and travel arrangements and supervise all bus transportation and on-site housing.

Other responsibilities with support of the Executive Director

  • Event bookings.
  • Assure staff contracts are signed and filed.
  • Communicate and educate members on acceptable behavior and MBI policies.
  • Manage relationships with circuit partners and other organizations (DCI, WGI, etc.).
  • Maintain personnel records and ensure compliance with organizational policies (medical information, SafeSport certification, etc.).
  • Manage recruiting, create calendar of events, outreach tools, and electronic communication to potential members. Regularly respond and personally reach out to potential members.
  • Address membership concerns in behavior, dues payment or attendance.
  • Assist with the annual budget.
  • Assure any sponsor agreements are documented and executed.

Assistant Director

Assistant director hasn’t been an official position every year, but the director position has a lot of responsibilities that can be shared and/or delegated. The above list can serve as a reference for director and assistant that can be shared or split any number of ways. Having a group to lean on between the Executive, Director, and Assistant can be the best way to keep things from being overwhelming.

Apply Today!

Fill out the following application and we’ll be in touch by the end of November 2023:


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