Board of Directors

Amanda Poston, chair

Amanda graduated South Saint Paul High School after marching 2009-2012 in their winter drumline. Her performing experience with MBI started in 2011 with the winter drumline. She marched the summers of 2013, 2015, and 2017 on Mellophone, 2014 in the front ensemble, and aged out in 2016 with the winter drumline. Previously, she taught the Andover High School Marching Band and Grove Are Percussion Winter Drumline front ensembles.

After earning a degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, Amanda works as a Software Engineer for backed microservices.  In her spare time she rides her horse (Aurora), hangs out with her kitty (Tesla), and enjoys some downtime with a few video games.

She’s very excited to step into a new role for Minnesota Brass and the Minnesota Marching Community!

Cindy Bach

Cindy’s involvement with MBI spans five decades beginning with her first year as a baritone player in 1975 and including 2019 as a parade corps mellophone. Her musical involvement has had her performing on baritone, mellophone, trumpet, as well as a brief stint in the color guard.

She has served in many roles for MBI such as horn line manager, drum line manager, membership recruiting, volunteer recruiter, volunteer, MBI Board member 2006-2008, and assistant mellophone section leader in 2016. Cindy unofficially retired from performing in 2016, but she returned to the corps of 2018.

Cindy is a licensed interior designer/project manager and has designed healthcare clinics and hospitals, retail establishments, and corporate environments. She brings a skillset of new business development, a wide variety of network contacts throughout the design industry, and a desire to see the corps thrive in a performing arts environment that is rapidly changing.

Cindy is a quiet, often overlooked, but powerful champion for MBI.

Marissa Moeller

Marissa Moeller has been a performing member of Minnesota Brass since 2013, after learning about the corps from a classmate at the University of Minnesota who took her to a rehearsal.

She was a member of the U of M Marching Band while in college, during which time she learned “valuable
interpersonal skills for a group of 320-plus.”

Moeller currently works as a dental hygienist, during which she spends a fair amount of her time educating patients as well as communicating with a variety of individuals on a daily basis. She served in 2017 and 2018 on the board of trustees for the Minnesota Dental Hygienists’ Association as the metro-area Trustee. Her work involved planning continuing-education events and networking with other hygienists around the state.

”Being a member for the past six years does make me emotionally invested in the corps, but I hope to approach a board position with what is best for the group as a whole, to ensure the longevity of Minnesota Brass.”

Neil Plaistow

Tom Reimer

Tom currently serves as Head Judge of the Minnesota Percussion Association, and has judged both indoor and outdoor drumline/band competitions across the nation. He is also an instructor & program consultant for Shadow DBC. His experience with Minnesota Brass has been as a performer (98-99, 02-03, 12) & instructor (07-10). He is honored for the opportunity to help guide the future of the Brass organization. He studied Sound Arts with Dr. Steve Solum at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and now lives in Madison WI with his wife (& fellow MBI alum) Rebecca Compton-Allen.

Dave Whitaker, treasurer

Dave first joined MBI in 1990 in the Baritone section, sharing a spot with Cindy Bach for his first season. Since then, he has been a performing member for 6 scattered years, a member of the visual staff, and have performed other administrative and technical roles.  Dave has served on the board, as member and chair, for 15+ years, and have been part of the executive team for the past 10+ years.  As his time available to devote to MBI diminishes with his growing family and personal commitments, he looks forward to returning to the board to share his experience, and to ensure a secure future for the organization.

Gwynne Byrne, recording secretary

Gwynne first joined Minnesota Brass in 1974 as a member of the color guard. As she no longer has the
agility and abilities required by the guard, she moved to working with the support staff. Gwynne met her husband, Pat (who joined MBI in 1972 but was in the army when she started) in 1976. Their family has been a part of the corps since then.

As she am no longer able to march, she works on uniforms when asked and other support projects as
they come along.

In 1990, Gwynne was asked to be the corps secretary and accepted. In recent years, this role was ended so she moved to perform the role of recording secretary for the Board of Directors.

Executive Team

Gavin Burnham, corporate CEO

Katy Matuzak, executive director

Dave Whitaker, chief financial officer