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Call for Volunteers

By October 12, 2023Drum & Bugle Corps

With the announcement of the combined DCI/DCA finals for the coming years, Minnesota Brass intends to take the competitive field at Lucas Oil Stadium. The last few SoundSport years have been great for member engagement, but we’ve run a skeleton crew. Many people did too many jobs: Transportation & Electronics, Executive Director & Front Ensemble Tech, Director & Prop Specialist. To maximize both member experience and competitive success for 2024, we need to rebuild the foundation of our organization: volunteers.

We want you!

Many of our volunteer jobs don’t require any special skills or training. What they do require is a love for the organization and activity, plus a commitment to help. For example, volunteer manager, assistant director, and facility logistics volunteers primarily need to communicate via phone, text, and email. If you’re highly organized, you’ll flourish here.

Some of the positions do require special skills. But for many positions, we are able to help train you. Don’t count yourself out! 

Open Positions

  • Volunteer Manager – someone to help coordinate all of the roles below. This doesn’t have to be one person!
  • Assistant director – someone to help the director so it’s not a full-time job.
  • Facility Logistics – researching and securing rehearsal facilities.
  • Transportation (training available) – towing the trailer and helping with or coordinating repairs 
  • Nurse/Medical Tech (training required) – stand-by medical technician for rehearsals and performances
  • Hydration/food – we won’t prepare meals at every rehearsal but will need water at rehearsals, shows, and parades. Also occasional food service on trips.
  • Uniforms & sewing – our Stanbury uniforms are mostly plug-and-play with several adjustments, but we occasionally need to do alterations. Even if you’re not a sewing expert, you can fit & pin uniforms to be sewn.
  • Writer – longer form articles (like this post!) for our website and newsletter.
  • Graphic designer – someone to help create graphics for various media, including print & web.
  • Social media – someone to take some pics and post on our social media pages.
  • Props – are you a band dad/mom that can build? We’ll need help creating props that are compelling, solid, safe, and fit on our equipment trailer.
  • Equipment – someone to help track and coordinate equipment checkouts, repairs, returns, etc.

Volunteer Today!

We need you to ensure the corps can make a return to the field, and we need to hear from you! Even if it’s just for one rehearsal or event, we need your help. We’ll be making some personal contacts as well, but we won’t know if you’re interested unless you tell us!

You can reach out however you feel comfortable. Through our volunteer form, or directly:

Chris Judd
Kory Esterberg
Justin Foell

Thanks in advance from everyone on the board and leadership team 🤗

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