Founded in 2011, MBI Winter Guard is an extension of the Minnesota Brass Drum Corps and competes in the Independent Open Class of the North Star Circuit & Winter Guard International. They are a 3 time WGI World Championship Finalist, 2017 WGI IA Silver Medalist and have earned numerous accolades both locally, regionally and nationally.

Notable Accomplishments
– 11x NSC Class Champion
– 2011 WGI IO Finalist
– 2012 WGI St. Louis Regional IO Champion
– 2012 WGI IO Finalist
– 2015 WGI IA Semi-Finalist
– 2016 WGI IA Finalist
– 2017 WGI Omaha Regional IA Champion
– 2017 WGI IA Silver Medalist
– 2019 WGI IO Semi-Finalist
– 2022 WGI IO Semi-Finalist

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Why MBI Winter Guard?

MBIWG provides its members with a structured and educational program focused on training, development & growth as well as:

  • Affordable dues
  • School/work/life balanced schedule
  • A consistent and competitively successful experience

MBI Winter Guard is the right choice for those age 23 and under looking to advance their color guard skills and perform amongst the very best.