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By June 10, 2017

Updated: Saturday, June 10th, 2017, 10:30 pm

June 24-25


7:00AM – Load at Maple Grove Senior High School 9800 Fernbrook Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55369
7:30AM – Butt In Seat – Depart!
10:00AM – Arrive at Alexandria Area High School, 4300 Pioneer Rd SE, Alexandria, MN 56308 – Unload & line fields

The situation with the auxiliary football fields and any Alexandria athletics schedules is unknown. For now, assume we have the 3 highlighted fields. The ones behind the stadium may already have lines, but could use ticks.

11:00AM – Lunch Provided
12:00PM – Rehearsal
4:00PM – Dinner on your own, get ready for our first performance.

**You will need to manage your time carefully. You may choose to have one person from your group get several items and bring those back to the school; you may choose to order Pizza or something else nearby that delivers. You should have plenty of time to get everything you need done, but you’ll need to have a plan to make sure you stay on schedule.**

Busses will shuttle between the school and a fast food area that has several options including: Taco Bell, Culver’s, Subway, KFC, Arby’s, China Buffet, Jimmy Johns, and McDonald’s.

4:15PM – First shuttle bus leaves HS for food area.
5:15PM – Last bus departs food area for HS.

Other delivery options:
Jimmy Johns: 320-762-8911
Dominos: 320-763-5007
Papa Johns Pizza: 320-763-8777

6:15PM – Warm-up begins – be ready to go in half uniform with all equipment.
7:44PM – Full corps @ gate
7:56PM – Perform
8:15PM – Exit field, props can stay on the track. Pit members stage equipment for loading. Hornline, Battery, and Color Guard stay in stadium for clinic. Hornline & Battery change into half-uniform and stack neatly.
8:15PM – Fan Favorite Awards Presentation (Drum Majors only)
8:25PM – Transition for clinic – All band students welcome to come onto field
8:30PM – Clinic with Minnesota Brass
9:15PM – Clinic done, finish loading trailers & change out of uniform
~9:45PM – Bus leaves for hotel – those few members may be dismissed early.
11:30PM – Lights out


8:00AM – Breakfast provided at HS
8:45AM – Bus departs hotel
9:00AM – Rehearsal
12:00PM – Lunch provided, hornline tear down scaffolding, shower, get into parade uniform
1:30PM – Buses depart for parade – Parade Bus Directions
1:45PM – Parade warm-up
2:24PM – Parade step-off
~3:30PM – Buses return to Alexandria Area High School, stay in half-uniform, but relax. Colorguard into full show uniform. Pre-pack your stuff if there’s time.
4:30PM – Short re-warm for show
5:00PM – Gate time.
5:15PM – Perform field show for all parade bands
5:30PM – Watch other corps
5:45PM – Pack and load – Cleaning crews: colorguard gymnasium, hornline locker rooms, drumline common spaces.
6:45PM – Depart Alexandria Area High School, dinner on own in Alex before heading home.
8:00PM – Depart restaurants area in Alex.
9:45PM – Arrive at Maple Grove Senior High School.

Hotel Info

Days Inn
4810 Hwy. 29 South, Alexandria, MN 56308


4520 Highway 29 South, Alexandria, MN 56308


Food This Weekend

Saturday lunch: provided
Saturday dinner: on your own
Sunday breakfast: provided (if staying at school)
Sunday lunch: provided
Sunday dinner: on your own

Stuff to Bring

  • Everything you need to perform
    • Black shoes and socks
    • Member shirt/warmups
    • Instrument/equipment
  • Rehearsal clothes and rain gear
  • Shower stuff and towel
  • Food/snacks
  • Cooler and drinks
  • Water jug
  • Pillow/sleeping bag etc.
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Money for meals
  • Phone charger (power strip?)

Useful Numbers

Justin Foell 612-720-3122
Katy Bensen 651-324-0112