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Minute by Minute: Monday, June 28, 2015

By June 28, 2015
Here is your updated schedule for Monday, June 28, 2015:
Reminder:  Lights out at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday evening means SILENCE IN THE GYM!
Monday June 28:
7:00  a.m.  Lights on; Breakfast available in the Commons
Keep all food in the Commons please!
8:00 – 10:30 Rehearsal:  Bring your uniform to the trailer and hang it on your uniform rack first thing this morning.
10:30 – 12:15 p.m.  You must accomplish the following:
  • Shower/clean
  • Eat lunch (lunch will be ‘grab-n-go’ available at your convenience between 10:30 and noon in the Commons)
  • Pack your personal belongings and get them loaded onto the bus; everything should be out of the gym by 12 noon
  • Pack corps equipment per usual assignments by section
  • Complete your section assignment below (Percussion and guard can accomplish their tasks immediately after rehearsal; horns should plan on starting their tasks at about noon.)
Section Assignments for Cleaning Alexandria Area High School
  • Color Guard:  Load guard trailer; Sweep both parking lots on this side of the building.
  • Snares:  Sweep the far grass field
  • Tenors:  Sweep the middle grass field
  • Basses/Cymbals:  Sweep the stadium field and stands; remove all blue tape, confirm the press box is locked
  • Front Line:  Load percussion trailer (per usual)
  • Trumpets and Tubas:  Clean the Commons area including wiping every table and putting all chairs back neatly
  • Mellophones:  Clean the small gym (where we slept) collect all lost and find; sweep floor
  • Bari/Euphs:  Clean and check both locker rooms; remove all lost and found, dispose of trash,
HOW TO “SWEEP”  a large outdoor area (in this case, a football field):
Line up at the edge of the endzone, spreading out evenly from sideline to sideline
Each person walks forward slowly scanning the area in front of them; stay in line
Walk from one endzone to the other picking up every scrap of paper, piece of plastic, water bottle, lost and found item that you discover
Put all collected items in the trash (unless you honestly think someone will want it such as  sweatshirt)
Section leaders should pick up a trash bag from Jodi before sweeping the zone; return lost and found items to Eric, Katy, Jodi or Linda.

12:25 p.m.  Butts in Seats on the Bus
12:30  Depart for Mankato
4:00  Arrive Mankato; dinner on your own
6:00 Warm up begins
7:20 Gate
7:26 ON!
10ish–(15 minutes after the last score is announced) Depart for Eden Prairie High School.  Our exact departure time will be sent via text.
11:30 (perhaps later) arrive Eden Prairie High School

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