May 1, 2018
An Update from the Conduct Review Committee

To all current and past members, volunteers, and staff of Minnesota Brass, Inc.:

After considering a variety of comments and suggestions regarding the submission of reports of harassment, abuse, and other unacceptable behavior that may have taken place within the Minnesota Brass organization (MBI), the MBI Conduct Review Committee (CRC) would like to clarify the process by which reports of unacceptable behavior are submitted and investigated.

The CRC understands that submitting a report involving unacceptable behavior can sometimes be a daunting task, and can be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, fear or anger.

Because submitting a report can often be difficult, the CRC wants to reassure those contemplating making a report that they have a voice and a safe haven for reporting violations of MBI policy.

The CRC is the official watchdog for unacceptable behavior that may occur within the MBI organization. As such, we are dedicated to fair and impartial reviews of any and all reports of unacceptable behavior.

All reports are private and confidential. Any names and information contained within reports will be reviewed only by the CRC, and will remain confidential and not be made public. This policy of strict confidentiality is of the utmost importance to the CRC as it pursues its goal of creating an environment where individuals can feel comfortable sharing their stories without fear of reprisal.

The CRC conducts independent investigations of any and all reports submitted, to the fullest extent practicable, and will take appropriate action based on the results of those investigations. This includes, but is not limited to, the imposition of discipline and sanctions, including suspension, for violations of MBI Acceptable Behavior policy.

The CRC also understands that there are those who may wish to submit reports anonymously. If you are not comfortable providing your name or contact information, and wish to share your story anonymously, that is acceptable, and we welcome those stories.

However, please understand that anonymous reports can be difficult to investigate. Without the ability to follow up on reported information and confirm the truth of what may be very serious allegations of misbehavior against persons associated with MBI, there may be little we can do to resolve the problem. In order for us to do our job, it is important that persons reporting misbehavior understand the need to confirm the truth of an allegation before we can fairly and honestly turn to an accused and begin the healing process.

Nevertheless, we are committed to accepting any and all reports of misbehavior, whether anonymous or named.

The CRC has an Open Door policy, and encourages those wishing to report misconduct to come forward and share their stories. Reports may be made in confidence to the  CRC at:  We have also established an anonymous phone-in tipline.  To report a tip via the anonymous voicemail box, please call 612-747-8512.  A form that allows for anonymous and direct reporting of potential misconduct is below.

Verbal reports may also be made directly to the MBI Executive Director or the MBI Board Chairperson at any time. They have been instructed to communicate such reports directly and immediately to the CRC, and to keep any information received in strict confidence.

Our goal is to help create an environment where everyone associated with MBI can feel comfortable sharing their stories in a safe and confidential manner, and to make MBI a place where all members, volunteers and staff, past and present, can feel safe and welcome.

For All We Know,

Thank you,

The Minnesota Brass Conduct Review Committee