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MBI Indoor Percussion presents their 2020 show, “These Precious Scars”

By January 30, 2020Indoor Drumline

MBI Indoor Percussion is proud to present their 2020 Program “These Precious Scars.” Everyone faces adversity in their life. That adversity can lead to deep and lasting scars. It is through persevering and overcoming these scars that true strength can be found. The scars become the strongest and most valuable part of a person. They show the triumph over adversity. The music from this year’s show is taken from Fluerie and Alessia Cara.

MBI Indoor Percussion begins its 13th season at Eagan High School this Saturday. MBI Indoor is under the direction of Katy Matuzak with assistance by Jake Esterberg. The creative staff is Joel Matuzak, Matt Hahn, Tyler Shipe, Natalie Sterner, Joe Jeager, and Chris Judd. Cover design by Wil Furnstahl.

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