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So What’s Up With the August Shows?

By March 14, 2015

Head Scratcher

So as you may have noticed, the Minnesota DCA show weekend hosted by MBI and the Govies has not yet been scheduled. For the last few years we’ve been able to have a show in the Twin Cities (either at South St. Paul or St. Thomas Academy) and then head down to St. Peter on Saturday. Well this year the HS football schedule for St. Thomas was late in being finalized and St. Peter has a home football game on the Saturday we would normally have the show. So we’re working with St. Thomas to see what their availability looks like and the Govies are working with St. Peter to explore other options down there. Suffice it to say . . . we’re working on it. You can count on being busy all of the weekends that are currently marked on the calendar, but the specifics of what will happen where and when are still not yet finalized. Stay tuned!

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