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First Show Camp Weekend!

By April 23, 2015

StressSo this is a pre-emptive post about the weekend ahead.  As I mentioned last night I am really excited to spend this time together for us to launch the outdoor portion of our season!  The music sounds terrific, the drill is looking great and I know you are excited to get out on the field.  We’re going to have fun this weekend!

Having said that, I also want to make sure everyone remains flexible.  I encourage you to come with a positive attitude and help each other to stay positive.  I don’t anticipate any huge challenges, but I do know we will need to brush the cobwebs off as we transition to being outside.

The weather looks icky on Saturday.  Not terrible, not miserable, just kinda cold and damp.  Plan ahead by bringing lots of layers.  Bring your rain gear.  Bring extra dry clothes including socks.  Be ready to get wet and be prepared for a chilly day.  Sunday looks better so hopefully we’ll be rewarded with sunshine and perfect drill-learnin’ weather.

Also, many of you non-percussion-types may not be aware that there’s been a ton of activity going on with our trailers.  We have a BRAND SPANKING NEW trailer to haul around all of our percussion equipment.  (It’s so big Jodi has named it “Beast!”)  We’re in the process of ‘building out’ the trailer which means putting all the shelves and compartments that we need to safely secure our equipment for long trips.  In the mean time, things are in a bit of flux.  Please know that Jodi and her crew are working their butts off to get the trailer ready.  This is all being done as volunteer time–after work, on weekends, etc.  Our load times and our ability to immediately put our hands on the exact piece of equipment you need may be a little delayed in the next few weeks as we get everything finalized for the new trailer.  Know that by June we’ll be running at full efficiency and we’ll have an awesome new trailer to show for it!

Take care of one another.  Look out for the rookies.  And let’s make this a fantastic show camp!

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