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MBI opens auditions for drum majors

By December 28, 2017Drum & Bugle Corps

If you can take direction as well as give it, have a talent for leadership – and are a little stage-struck, too – Minnesota Brass has a job for you.

“We are totally excited to have the opportunity to build a strong drum-major team for MBI 2018,” said Brent Turner, himself a former drum major (and corps director) for the corps.

“As Minnesota Brass prepares for an exciting new season in 2018, we are finding that many more people are interested in the position, including a couple of music educators in the area,” he added. At present, seven candidates have signed up or expressed interest in the two to three drum-major positions that will be offered.

The corps will host a handful of clinics before the final audition in front of the corps, Turner said.
Qualified candidates usually have completed high school, Turner noted, and having some experience as a drum major is preferred, but not required. “So far, we have a range of candidates,” he said. “Some have experience as drum majors, others have multi-generational experience with Minnesota Brass, but no experience on the podium.

“We are looking to build the best leadership team, and we have a strong start,” he said.
Those interested in auditioning for an MBI drum major position should fill out the form and also indicate their availability for attending clinics.

Clinics will take place in January and February in a group setting. Candidates will be evaluated for their conducting skills, leadership skills and team-building experience. Final auditions will be held in front of the corps at the first rehearsal on Feb. 11.

“We are excited about the quality of the drum-major candidates we are receiving based on our new schedule and the changes happening throughout the corps,” Turner said.

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