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Minnesota Brass mourns the passing of legendary Frank Lozar

By September 7, 2014Drum & Bugle Corps
Frank Lozar

Frank Lozar

Frank “The Beard” Lozar, the heart and soul of Minnesota Brass, passed away in the early hours of September 7. He was 85.

Frank was a legend in Minnesota drum corps history, performing with all incarnations of Minnesota Brass. His last year on the field with the corps was 2002, when he was 73.

“We are deeply saddened by Frank’s passing,” said Eric Molho, executive director of Minnesota Brass. “Frank was an outstanding performer who gave tirelessly of himself to Minnesota Brass for decades.  Our entire organization will miss him.”

Born on July 5, 1929, the soprano player marched in competition nearly every year from 1947, when he first played with American Legion Post 248’s drum and bugle corps in Ely, Minn., until 2005, when he played with the Zuhrah Shrine corps. The only exceptions were two years when he served in the American Medical Corps.

He moved from Ely to perform with Minnesota Brass and Hamm’s Indians.  He served as the director of Minnesota Brass from 1963 to 1969. Since 1980, he had performed with both Minnesota Brass and Zuhrah Shrine.  He served on the boards of both organizations and was a fundraising coordinator for several midwestern drum and bugle corps at various times.

In 1969, Frank was awarded Minnesota Brass’ highest honor, the Brassy, a lifetime achievement award.  He also was part of a group that was the first to initiate female members into the drum corps activity.  At 70, he was recognized as the oldest competitor on the field at the championship tournaments of both Drum Corps Midwest (DCM) and Drum Corps Associates (DCA) in 1998.  Named as an associate member of the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame in 2001, he received the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award and full Hall of Fame status in 2005.

Entertaining the passengers of long bus trips, Frank and the Gummers (so-called because no one else knew the words as well as Frank, so they just mouthed and hummed along) were a noted ensemble within the corps long before iPods and boom boxes were a staple. Legend has it that in 1970 he sang for 36 hours straight on a trip to Portland, Ore., without repeating a song.

Frank assumed all roles and was a major financial contributor who helped perpetuate the organization. Without his efforts — along with so many others — Minnesota Brass would have never attained the level of success that it experiences today.

Kurt Schiebel, a longtime member of Minnesota Brass who performed with Frank, reflected on the passing of a great mentor.

“We always hear about drum corps moms, the glue that holds the activity together,” Kurt said. “Frank was a drum corps dad, offering support and strength to the youth in the line. He contributed not only financially to the corps, but offered assistance to young members, whether it was outright dues support, or that meal on the road for those of us in need.”

Kurt added, “It is hard to believe there is a supporter out there who contributed more to perpetuate this organization. It is harder still to think of the activity with out him.”

For All We Know.



  • Robert Willey says:

    I wish Frank could have read this to know how much he was loved. Thank you for a this beautiful tribute.

    Bob Willey

  • Mike Palmquist says:

    RIP my friend.

    For all we know, we may never meet again
    Before you go, make this moment sweet again
    We won’t say “Good night” until the last minute
    I’ll hold out my hand and and a beer will be in it

    For all we know, this may only be a dream
    We come and go like a ripple on a stream
    So love me tonight, tomorrow was made for some
    Tomorrow may never come for all we know

    So love me tonight, tomorrow was made for some
    Tomorrow may never come for all we know

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  • Geni Cavitt says:

    Rest in peace, Frank. You are now legend.

  • Mary Ann(Huseth) Aslakson says:

    I remember singing along! RIP Frank – FAWK!

  • Bobbi Hackett says:

    We are Frank and the Gummers
    We can sing all night!
    We don’t know the music
    But we can sing it right!

    I believe Ron Weitbrecht wrote the tune ala 1976.

  • Terry Jensen says:

    I marched with Frank and Brass in the mid 70’s. So sad to hear of his passing. May he RIP!

  • Bea Jaeger says:

    Thank you Frank for your kindness, never ending encouragement and support. Good night, friend.

  • Dave Tanji says:

    I cannot image MBI without Frank. It’s good that I don’t have to because Frank still marches on the hearts of all that are following in his footsteps, For All We Know. PEACE!

  • Bob Ericksohn says:

    I marched with Frank with the Northernaires, Laidlaw Toreadors, Brass Inc, from 1960 until I left the corps in 1988. He shall be missed but always remembered. Peace to my Friend Frank……


  • Tina says:

    Thanks for the memories, Frank. Thanks for being my oldest friend.

  • Jim Battaglia says:

    Still trying to wrap my mind around this. Brass will never be the same without you buddy.

  • Marcia Reiter says:

    Frank is in his glory now,,,
    Standing with a warm can of Special Export and singing songs throughout the day and night.

    Will they let Frank where black in heaven???

    He surely left an unforgettable legacy with the corps, as a member, financial contributor, leader and friend to so many people who had the chance to march with him throughout the decades. He truly exemplifies “For All We Know”.

  • John "JC" Caspers says:

    I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Frank’s passing. I first met Frank in the 1970s when I was marching with the Boys of 76 and we continued our friendship throughout my time marching Kilties. He was one of the nicest guys in the activity and I will truly miss him. The Kilties Khoir will be assembled this weekend (for the Great Lakes Brew Fest post party, which Frank would LOVE) and we will sing a few of the “drum corps classics” in honor of the one and only “Frank the Beard”. RIP my friend.

  • skip says:

    Frank was just plain “cool”, a great guy!!

  • Denny Odoms says:

    I am really late to this, but it will never be enough for me to forget Frank. I first met him when he was in the Hamm’s “Northernaires” in the fifties (I was in the Schmidt’s Indians then). We marched together for a couple of year with the Laidlaw Corps, when, sadly, I gave it up. Frank kept at it though, and became the icon that he was. I remember watching the Brass marching at a show in Hastings in the early nineties, and he was still on the field.

    Denny Odoms

    • Colleen Zwicker says:

      Hi Denny, Just wondering if you maybe knew my Dad too? Charles “Chaz” Swanson? He is 87 now and has been in the VA Hospital in Mpls. for awhile, not doing so well. I was just looking up Laidlaw and Brass Inc history for my son and came upon this post regarding Frank. We (our family) remember him well. The man in Black!

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