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DCI Rochester, MN

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Our housing site has changed and we’ll be rehearsing at the show site. The show host (Blue Stars) has graciously offered to line two fields for us! 😎

Give yourself enough time to drive to Rochester, several of the routes are under construction and there may be delays. You should eat a late breakfast or early lunch and arrive with enough time to unload any needed equipment so rehearsal can start right at 12 noon. Trailers will be available for unloading by 11AM.

Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC)
851 30th Ave SE
Rochester, MN 55904

Park in the “Gravel Lot”

Gravel Lot
Ucr Pkwy SE
Rochester, MN 55904

11:00am – Trailers Arrive
12:00pm – Rehearsal
3:30pm – Shower, Dinner on your own, get ready to perform.
5:30pm – Warm-up – half uniform with all equipment.
7:06pm – Gate
7:15pm – Perform

DCI Minnesota

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Updated: Tuesday, July 4th, 2017, 11:26 pm

Friday, July 7th

Friday is going to be like a normal Wednesday evening rehearsal, but instead of being at Sears, we’ll be at Irondale.

5:00pm – Trailers arrive, line fields
6:30pm – Rehearsal
10:00pm – Out

Irondale High School
2425 Long Lake Rd.
New Brighton, MN 55112

Saturday, July 8th

Saturday we’re back at Irondale for a somewhat normal camp Saturday, but bring your shower and show gear to get ready for DCI Minnesota. Today is an especially good day to carpool (see below).

Hornline will start the day at the auxiliary field at:

Sunnyside Elementary School
2070 County Rd H
New Brighton, MN 55112

10:00am – Rehearsal
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – Rehearsal
4:30pm – Shower at Irondale (or at a nearby friend’s house), dinner on your own, get ready to perform.

Transition to TCF Bank Stadium.The lot we’re assigned for parking at TCF is not very large. Carpooling to TCF is a must!

TCF Bank Stadium
Gateway Lot
2340 SE 4th St
Minneapolis, MN 55414

I’ll hand out parking passes for the Gateway Lot on Saturday at rehearsal. Trailers will be located on SE 4th St. right by our parking lot.

7:30pm – Unload drum trailer – Front Ensemble
7:45pm – Unload uniform trailer – Drum Majors & Euphoniums unloading uniforms/podium/props.
8:15pm – Warm-up begins – be ready to go in half uniform/warm-ups with all equipment.
9:45pm – Full corps @ gate
9:57pm – Perform
~10:15pm – Return to trailers to change out of uniform.

Minnesota Brass is the local Tour Event Partner for this event. It is important for the corps to support the logistics of this show as it is a HUGE fundraiser for the corps. Part of that agreement means assisting DCI as they tear down and pack up. By delegating our duties, these tasks should only take about 45 minutes once you’re out of uniform.

First, everyone needs to immediately return to the trailers to put their equipment and uniform on the trailers so they can be loaded. All battery instruments should be placed on the trailer quickly so the front ensemble can load. All uniforms should be on the racks quickly,  so the drum majors and 6 guard members (Becci, Alaina, Brianna, Grant, Kelsey, Jenna) can load. Once the trucks are loaded & locked, those members are dismissed.

After changing out of uniform, all sections not in bold in the preceding paragraph will report to the concourse level (where you’d go to buy concessions) near Gate C. Karen Turner will be directing us to help load out souvenirs. 45 minutes and we’re done.

The next day is the Rochester DCI show!

Useful Numbers

Justin Foell 612-720-3122
Katy Bensen 651-324-0112

4th of July

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Independence Day

8:00AM – Arrive and load buses at Apple Valley High School (14450 Hayes Rd, Apple Valley, MN 55124).

You will load the bus with all of your equipment. You are encouraged to bring snacks/beverages in a small cooler for the bus ride between parades.

8:30AM – Buses depart
9:15AM – Arrive at Delano Central Park (River St N & Park Ave, Delano, MN 55328).

If you drive yourself, meet us here – you’re encouraged to ride the bus to avoid any travel difficulties from this one-way parade. The Delano Parade will run backwards this year due to construction at the school. It shouldn’t really affect you if you’re riding the bus 😎

10:30AM – Delano parade starts (we will be near the front).
~11:30AM – Buses will meet us at the end of the parade route at the school. We’ll give you a snack for the ride back. We’ll immediately depart and return to Apple Valley. We are dropped off at Health Partners on 153rd and Cedar Ave. (behind Arby’s).
1:00PM – Apple Valley parade starts

The Apple Valley parade ends at Apple Valley High School, where your car is conveniently waiting for you.

~3:30PM – Standstill for the Bluecoats. They will do the same for us when we’re done and we’ll hang out and have something to eat. You’re free to leave as soon as our standstill performance is over so you can enjoy the rest of the day with family and friends.

~4:30 – Pizza with the Bluecoats 🍕


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Updated: Monday, June 26th, 2017, 6:40 pm

Monday, July 3rd

The Mankato show-day is a strange day timing-wise because of the travel time. On this day we do meals on our own. I suggest eating a late breakfast, maybe even getting something on the way. Bring a mid-day snack, we’ll have a short break for one. The corps will provide fruit, but you’ll want to supplement.

Give yourself plenty of time to drive to Mankato. Carpooling helps. Bring everything you’ll need for rehearsal, shower, performance, and the show after.

We’ll all arrive at 10AM. Two fields need lining – we are not to use the main field 🙁 The press box is available, so we’d like the main field (labeled on the map) to be centered up behind the press box. Colorguard and drumline will help facilitate getting the lining done quickly. No scaffolding will be set up.

To return the favor, hornline and drumline will be helping the guard with props, and trailer loading after rehearsal is over.

10:00AM – Arrive at Loyola Catholic School, 145 Good Counsel Dr, Mankato, MN 56001 – Unload, line fields.
10:45AM – Full corps stretch
11:00AM – Rehearsal
1:00PM – Fruit break
1:30PM – Rehearsal
3:30PM – Shower at Loyola, dinner on your own, get ready to perform, transition to stadium.

We’re not in our “usual” warm-up spot this year, we’re on the other side of the stadium in Lot 22, across the street from AmericInn:

5:30PM – Unload Trailers – Drum Majors, Trumpets, Tubas unloading uniforms/podium/props.
5:45PM – Warm-up begins – be ready to go in half uniform/warm-ups with all equipment.
7:18PM – Full corps @ gate
7:27PM – Perform

Mankato is a fantastic drum corps venue (my personal favorite!). There’s no track so the sideline is right next to the stands – a real face melter with a great crowd. Enjoy the opportunity to both perform here and be inspired by the corps performing after us.

After our performance you’re welcome to stay and watch the remaining corps in competition or you may leave. Make sure your carpooling friends know what your plans are before you drive down to Mankato.

We have an early day on Tuesday, the 4th of July.

Useful Numbers

Justin Foell 612-720-3122
Katy Bensen 651-324-0112


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Updated: Saturday, June 10th, 2017, 10:30 pm

June 24-25


7:00AM – Load at Maple Grove Senior High School 9800 Fernbrook Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55369
7:30AM – Butt In Seat – Depart!
10:00AM – Arrive at Alexandria Area High School, 4300 Pioneer Rd SE, Alexandria, MN 56308 – Unload & line fields

The situation with the auxiliary football fields and any Alexandria athletics schedules is unknown. For now, assume we have the 3 highlighted fields. The ones behind the stadium may already have lines, but could use ticks.

11:00AM – Lunch Provided
12:00PM – Rehearsal
4:00PM – Dinner on your own, get ready for our first performance.

**You will need to manage your time carefully. You may choose to have one person from your group get several items and bring those back to the school; you may choose to order Pizza or something else nearby that delivers. You should have plenty of time to get everything you need done, but you’ll need to have a plan to make sure you stay on schedule.**

Busses will shuttle between the school and a fast food area that has several options including: Taco Bell, Culver’s, Subway, KFC, Arby’s, China Buffet, Jimmy Johns, and McDonald’s.

4:15PM – First shuttle bus leaves HS for food area.
5:15PM – Last bus departs food area for HS.

Other delivery options:
Jimmy Johns: 320-762-8911
Dominos: 320-763-5007
Papa Johns Pizza: 320-763-8777

6:15PM – Warm-up begins – be ready to go in half uniform with all equipment.
7:44PM – Full corps @ gate
7:56PM – Perform
8:15PM – Exit field, props can stay on the track. Pit members stage equipment for loading. Hornline, Battery, and Color Guard stay in stadium for clinic. Hornline & Battery change into half-uniform and stack neatly.
8:15PM – Fan Favorite Awards Presentation (Drum Majors only)
8:25PM – Transition for clinic – All band students welcome to come onto field
8:30PM – Clinic with Minnesota Brass
9:15PM – Clinic done, finish loading trailers & change out of uniform
~9:45PM – Bus leaves for hotel – those few members may be dismissed early.
11:30PM – Lights out


8:00AM – Breakfast provided at HS
8:45AM – Bus departs hotel
9:00AM – Rehearsal
12:00PM – Lunch provided, hornline tear down scaffolding, shower, get into parade uniform
1:30PM – Buses depart for parade – Parade Bus Directions
1:45PM – Parade warm-up
2:24PM – Parade step-off
~3:30PM – Buses return to Alexandria Area High School, stay in half-uniform, but relax. Colorguard into full show uniform. Pre-pack your stuff if there’s time.
4:30PM – Short re-warm for show
5:00PM – Gate time.
5:15PM – Perform field show for all parade bands
5:30PM – Watch other corps
5:45PM – Pack and load – Cleaning crews: colorguard gymnasium, hornline locker rooms, drumline common spaces.
6:45PM – Depart Alexandria Area High School, dinner on own in Alex before heading home.
8:00PM – Depart restaurants area in Alex.
9:45PM – Arrive at Maple Grove Senior High School.

Hotel Info

Days Inn
4810 Hwy. 29 South, Alexandria, MN 56308


4520 Highway 29 South, Alexandria, MN 56308


Food This Weekend

Saturday lunch: provided
Saturday dinner: on your own
Sunday breakfast: provided (if staying at school)
Sunday lunch: provided
Sunday dinner: on your own

Stuff to Bring

  • Everything you need to perform
    • Black shoes and socks
    • Member shirt/warmups
    • Instrument/equipment
  • Rehearsal clothes and rain gear
  • Shower stuff and towel
  • Food/snacks
  • Cooler and drinks
  • Water jug
  • Pillow/sleeping bag etc.
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Money for meals
  • Phone charger (power strip?)

Useful Numbers

Justin Foell 612-720-3122
Katy Bensen 651-324-0112