Minnesota Brass to Launch Indoor Winds Ensemble

Auditions for all winter ensembles September 27 Minnesota Brass is excited to announce the launch of a new winds ensemble for the 2016 indoor season. Featuring brass and woodwinds, the new group will provide members with the same exciting performance opportunities their percussion and color guard peers have enjoyed for years. “We want to create […]

Member Diary – August 21st, 2015 by Noah Hansen

Today was one of those days you will never find in junior corps. While all summer high school and college students are on tour, the luxury of having one sole job as a member is shockingly apparent. Members live together, eat together, and shower together every day for 3 months. However, when you are a member of an all-ages drum corps, this philosophy is only a saucepan of gravy on the backburner. Instead of the usual 8 AM bright and early report time for hornline members, we began lining football fields at 11. This change gave some flexibility for those with jobs, and ensured that if the members with full-time jobs couldn’t make it to rehearsal during our four hour block, they would be able to catch up fairly quickly, unlike a day that we rehearsed for seven plus hours.